hey, honey)
how are you?
I miss you, babe.. I miss you very much(
I'm very proud of you)) You are very good student, you know))) No, realy) I'm glad that all happened like that)
I feel myself not good today( I have pain in my nose and my throat( and my voice sounds very funny) also I have a headache( that's bad.
I've just read about that movie which we are going to see this Saturday. I have a habit to look through only bad comments since we've gone to cinema yeaterday)))) Normal people say that that film is pretty-stupid, bloody and "not for ladies". Oh, yeah) My favorite.
I'm doing a playlist for you now)
Also today I was at my sister's place. Oooooh my god, she's so stupid\\\\\\\ well, OK)))) It's not my problem. And you know what? She hasn't got that thing which I needed!\\\ But she started to cloth me in such horrible stuff!!!(I'll tell you someday) that I went home in a bad mood.I'm going to by something tomorow(a long kind-of-t-shirt) or maybe no.. I'm feeling myself very bad(
Niho all day with exited expression was telling me how she had said to you that you've got a "hole" in your head. "Pha-ha-ha!", I said - "Very funny!". Oooooh, she's getting me nervous!!!! >.<!!!
I miss you...
The book is amaaaazing! I think that movie is nice too.I'd like to see it)
I was wondering today about design of our house and our picture-gallery.
The Owl said that my written-English is nice. Also, that I have a "pretty-good style but sometimes my speech is very simple"))) pffff) She's pretty)) And she's waiting for you to come and see her)

My darling.. I love you sooo much( Don't worry, pleease(
you drive me crazy, babe!) ararar)
my dad is going to bed, so I won't be allowed to use the computer( sorry, that I've written not much\ I hope that we'll discuss the rest on the phone)
I'll call ya)


miss you..

your faithful wife, Marina))
love you!!^^